Donnerstag, Januar 11, 2007

5 things you don't know about me and just post

Okay, ich habe heute wirklich wenig Zeit (oder auch gestern, morgen und übermorgen. Ich weiß nicht, ob ich diesen Eintrag noch übersetzen werde, wenn ja bekommt er auch eine deutsche Überschrift, aber ich dachte, bevor ich hier gar nichts schreibe, vertraue ich lieber darauf, dass ihr alle Englisch in der Schule hattet. Hier ist der Eintrag, den ich gestern auf der englischen Version dieses Blogs veröffentlicht habe:

First of all, today is the day of the very first "just post" awards.

I had planned to write a beautiful post about handicapped people, but then life got in the way and you'll have to wait for that one. Since the "just post"-award is still very young, there hasn't been that much participation yet, but we'll just promote it in the months to come. Oh, and this award was the result of the big fat social wedding of Jen and Mad. Since I'm really pressed for time today (and since I've really been wanting to do this for quite a time), I consider myself tagged with the "5 things you don't know about me"-meme by Mir. (And when I say that you don't know these things I'm thinking of people only knowing me through the blog, not of people like my sister, though she reads this too.)

  1. I didn't drink a single drop of alcohol until I was 19 years old. I even refused to sip on something for social reasons. To this day my mother still is shocked, when she sees me drinking a beer. As Mir told about herself, I also was the designated driver for years, and was proud of my high morale standard. I felt very superior to people behaving like a typical drunk. I have to say, though, that even when drunk I never behave like a typical drunk. Like my husband, I only react by first being a little bit louder, then a blurring of speech, and then becoming a little more quiet.
  2. I smoked my very first cigarette when I was eight years old. Me and a couple of friends tried smoking behind a group of bushes in the woods. We felt really grown up and cool. Growing up in a smokers' household, I neither had to cough or got sick. I held and lit the cigarette like I had done this my whole life. When later I tried to get more cigarettes by stealing a pack or two from my parents, I was found out. Thus ended my career as a smoker. I tried again four years later, but decided not to smoke. I never regretted it.
  3. Every man I ever had sex with was a musician. At first I had a pattern of percussionist, bass player, percussionist, bass player, but then I wandered and dated a pianist and later a clarinet player. Also, I never know how you count it, when you're having an affair with two men at once. (I had an "open relationship" with the first bass player. Well, I can say this does not work for me.) The last one was also a bass player whom I then married. End of dating history so far, but, I'm grateful to say, not of sex.
  4. You know that when I studied music education my main instrument was - as it still is - voice, but what you don't know is that my second instrument used to be drums. (Now you know how I met the percussionists.) People who haven't seen me since that days still think of me as the drummer, but I haven't touched drums since the end of our Brazilian band seven years ago. (Anyone interested in buying my congas?)
  5. As I'm writing this, I'm depressed again. Not as in "not-functioning and nearly suicidal"-depressed, but as in "feeling as if there were a vortex inside of me sucking away most of my energy"-depressed. Since wondering if I maybe am slightly bipolar, I haven't had another "episode". Only things like PMS. Before Christmas my husband said he thought I might be in a "manic" state. Of course I wasn't, I only had a lot to do. Um. And I didn't feel like I was soaring high. I didn't take on lots of new projects. Mild overdrive due to circumstances. But since we returned from my parents I have been glued to the computer, checking e-mail about every other second, reading blogs and waiting for the evening which I spent in front of TV. Then going to bed too late, of course. And repeat. With the firm intention to do better the next day. And repeat. After four days of this, it dawned on me that this was not normal. I was feeling depressed. On Sunday I thought I had come out of it. Only to realize today that I'm still in it. The problem is, in a way, that I don't have times anymore where I declare myself sick despite a lack of symptoms and then spend days in bed. I'm no longer living alone, I have work to do, I have family. And I know that I don't feel better, when I'm staying in bed. So I get up, I make breakfast, I do minimal household chores, I talk to my family, I even am happy at times, but there's a part inside of me that has gone numb and wishes to stay that way. I know that eventually I will come out of it and that exercise, enough sleep, real food, cuddling and walks in the woods help. But I don't know what's happening. There are triggers, but there are no deep reasons. Weird.
So this is the reason, why I haven't posted, why I'm sounding a little off.

So this month I'll have to rely on others to change the world for the better. Please go and look at the just post awards. (And don't worry about me, please.)

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